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     Literature Goethe: Faust IV.2 Vorspiel auf dem Theater  (Prelude on the stage)

Exercise: Goethe, Faust

  IV.2 Vorspiel auf dem Theater (Prelude on the stage)

In the Prelude there are three persons, each has different interests: 1) The Manager of the theatre, who could be equated to a modern day Hollywood Movie mogul, above all wants to earn money. 2) The poet, who refuses to write only for mass consumption. 3) The Jester, Who knows that to be the star you need to give the people what they want and if done in a clever way and people can learn something. Nobody actually can claim that films like Titanic, Troy or Rambo and Matrix are more or less the same. There are many good films and many bad films offering the eternal fight of good and evil. Iif the writer fails to make his stand the work leaiving is going to be quite sterile. The Jester sees things with a bit more humour: People want to be entertained. Morever, if it's done in a clever way and people can learn something new, the better!